I joined Fundsquire in December 2020 as the third employee to the Canadian division of the business. Job hunting in the pandemic was an unknown I wasn’t quite sure how to navigate – it was intimidating to say the least. Upon learning about Fundsquire, I was intrigued by the work they were doing as well as the growth potential. I ultimately applied for the role of Relationship Manager, CA. This was the start to the best decision I could’ve made for both my personal and professional growth.

How it started

I began my job hunt journey focused solely on larger financial institutions because I was seeking what I thought was the traditional sense of employment security and standardized growth. I soon realized that the institutional path wouldn’t give me the opportunities I wanted out of my role – the space to create, challenge, be challenged, and grow. 

When deciding to join Fundsquire,  it was as if the stars had aligned with what I was looking for in a role, in a business, and in a work culture. The decision for me at this time became quite easy, and I was determined to make an impact within this business.

“I have always been given a platform to make decisions, initiate change, use my voice, and collaborate effectively with the team to find solutions that best serve the business and our customers.”

Autonomy & adaptability

I see myself as an innovator and a driver. Fundsquire gives me a platform to bring my strengths and ideas to the forefront, while encouraging a constant state of growth and transformation. This is not to say that the startup environment is all rainbows and butterflies. It is challenging and it pushes you. Adaptability in this environment is key. However, your energy is driven by excitement and an incredible sense of pride that exudes through the team. 

While I have prior experience with both strategic origination in customer acquisition and portfolio management, my role at Fundsquire requires me to wear many hats. I lead the market facing operations for the Canadian division of our business which includes (and seriously not limited to) acquiring and retaining new customers, client relations, industry and strategic partner management, as well as being the liaison between the outside world and our global teams and internal processes. I overlap with credit, tech, marketing, and c-suite to ensure high levels of efficiency internally, to serve our customers as best we can externally. 

Considering the many areas that I oversee, decision-making is vital – my role gives me a very high level of autonomy. I have always been given a platform to make decisions, initiate change, use my voice, and collaborate effectively with the team to find solutions that best serve the business and our customers.  There is an incredible level of trust within the business and its wonderfully dedicated and passionate team that goes unspoken. 

Growing together

Fundsquire encourages a healthy relationship with work, and they’re genuine about it. While it can get hectic in the startup world, I have always felt empowered to be realistic with myself about my limits and to balance my personal and professional lives in a way that suits me. 

Outside of work, I have remained as a volunteer for a GTA based rescue organization, Save Our Scruff which is dear to my heart as I have two dogs of my own, one of whom is a rescue and SOS alumni! I am trusted to plan my day-to-day such that I am able to both continue to care for my pets at a standard that is important to me, as well as participate in personal activities that fulfill me. This includes leading an active lifestyle, partaking in social engagements, spending time with friends and family, and travelling. I am also extremely motivated to see the world, learn from other cultures, and bring that education back to my everyday life. Fundsquire shares these values, and urges me to unplug and tap into interests outside of my day to day that speak to my passions, enrich me and help me unleash my full potential both in and out of the workplace.

The sky’s the limit

I am grateful to be part of a business where the values [actually] align with my own, that cares to nurture and grow its employees, and gives a platform for each person  to shine in their respective areas. The team and Fundsquire’s product portfolio is growing fast, which means my role is constantly evolving as well. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with this, and it may not be for everyone – but the passion I feel for my career has been reignited and I am so excited to see what’s to come!


We are hiring – a lot – and, as an early employee in the business, I AM THRILLED! If you have a passion for helping SME’s grow and are excited to be a part of an organization doing that with an absolutely stellar team,  please check out our careers page or feel free to chat with me through my LinkedIn directly!

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