Revenue Based Finance

Fundsquire Revenue Based Finance is a simple way to turn monthly revenue into flexible growth capital. Companies generating revenue in e-commerce, SaaS, and beyond can get cost-effective funding by accessing future revenue, today.

We consider your monthly revenue as a guide and provide you funding starting at $40K in as little as 48 hours to spend on inventory, sales, marketing and other operations, as needed. 

We charge a small, fixed percentage of future revenue. Repay us as you earn – if revenues slow down, so does the monthly repayment. Your success is our success.

Flexible capital

Access up to 1.5x your monthly revenue

Quick access

Get funding in a little as 48 hours once approved

No hidden fees

We charge a flat-fee percent of your monthly revenue

No ARR required

We only require a minimum of 6 months of revenue performance

Unrestricted revenue stream

All forms of revenue are considered – sales, inventory, marketing, or others

Easy repayments

Repayments are based on your future revenue and flexible

Funding at your fingertips: The process

We make it easy to turn your revenue into tailored growth financing. Free up cash flow, now.

1. Apply for funding

Chat with the team to find a flexible funding solution that best fits your needs. Receive a tailored offer starting at $25K.

2. Utilize your funds

100% of your capital is available for you to use once approved. Accelerate your growth through sales, inventory management, marketing and more.

3. Repay on your terms

Repayments go up and down in line with your incoming revenue. A slower month means lower repayments.

4. Scale faster

We connect you to our expansive group of tech partners, growth advisors, and investors to help fuel your short and long-term growth plans.

5. Access additional capital

Your dedicated Fundsquire partnership manager will support your ongoing capital need through RBF, SR&ED funding or grant-based funding – so you can keep scaling without limits.

Access Revenue Based Financing through our simple, personalized, seamless process

Get funded

Frequently asked questions

How much can funding can I get?
We offer loans starting at $25K.
How long does the application process take?
The application and credit check process typically takes 10 business days, however this does fluctuate with the complexity of your company's financial position, and how fast you can provide the required information.
Does my business have to be profitable?
No, we work with many pre-profit businesses.
How do I repay?
We charge a small, fixed percentage fee. Repayment fluctuates monthly with your revenue.
How do I apply?
You can get in touch with us today using this link.