SR&ED financing, in a flash.

A new way to access between $40,000 and $150,000 in SRED financing, in as little as 48hrs.

The Covid-19 crisis has thrown everyone’s plans into turmoil, both personally and for your business. In Canada and globally, companies that were planning on raising capital or expecting revenue have had to adjust their cash flows, budgets, and projections, sometimes drastically.

Now, more than ever, startups and SMEs are telling us that they need access to working capital, and they need it fast.

Uncertainty is the new normal

For startups and companies looking to scale, the problem can be distilled into one word – uncertainty.

Projections need to change, forecasts have been thrown off and the ongoing impact of unprecedented shifts in the market needs to be managed. Instead of focusing on growth or research and development, businesses are now asking themselves:

  • When will the lockdowns end and what does opening the economy back up look like in real terms?
  • How are VCs and Angels in Canada deploying capital, what’s their appetite for doing deals in the next three, six or twelve months?
  • How will revenue forecasts play out? Will existing customers still be there to buy from us? What about growth in this environment?
  • What government programs are available, and how do they apply to me?

Fundsquire and our partners can help you answer the questions above. More importantly, we can provide you with some financial certainty over the short term by putting cash into your bank account fast.

As a startup ourselves, we understand that dealing with uncertainty takes your limited time and resources away from growth and focuses them on the immediate problem at hand. With many companies furloughing employees or reducing hours, this puts more pressure on a smaller team to continue delivering.

fastfund sred financing

Introducing Fastfund

Fastfund offers qualified companies that are claiming a SR&ED tax credit the opportunity to take the waiting and the worry out of their cash flow and budget. In as little as 48 hours, Fundsquire can have pre-qualified loans approved and funded shortly after, putting cash into your bank account so you can focus on running your business.

We’ve listened to our customers and developed Fastfund with you in mind.

Simple and fast process

  1. Pre-qualify
  2. Sign your offer and upload documents
  3. Get approved
  4. Get funded

Flexible and useful size

Working capital loans at a size that supplements current cash on hand and shores up the balance sheet.

Short term

The debt is repaid when you receive the refund.

Powered by technology

Fundsquire’s model rests on the use of our unique credit algorithm, the FundScore, which compiles a number of traditional and non-traditional data points. While banks and other lenders rely on reviewing traditional financials and personal credit scores, our technology enables us to assess startup and SME credit quickly, efficiently, and uniquely – ultimately getting your loan to you faster.


“Traditional SRED financing will take between 10-20 days just to get through due diligence, not to mention legal processing and setting up specific repayment methods, which can vary from lender to lender. It’s time to speed things up.”

Where can I apply?

If you have filed your SRED, or expect to in the next couple of months you can get pre-approved through a simple application in a matter of minutes. 

Want more than $150,000, or expect to file your SR&ED in a few months’ time?

We can help there too. We continue to provide growth companies with accrual SR&ED financing of up to $500,000. We have the most flexible offering on the market today, tailored specifically to each customer’s needs and circumstances. Talk to us about your situation and we’ll be able to advise.

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