Grant Advance

Fundsquire invests game changing capital into innovative companies around the world.

Through Fundsquire Grant Advance, companies that are leveraging government grant programs can access their future, eligible grant capital several months in advance.

Our goal is to empower entrepreneurs and accelerate their growth through straightforward, quick, frictionless, and personalized non-dilutive funding solutions. 

What is Grant Advance?

As part of Canada’s growth plan, there is close to $101 billion over three years in proposed investments. Fundsquire Grant Advance is a simple way to use your future grant payments to fuel your current milestones today.

Unique to this type of funding, Fundsquire does not require revenue or proof of profit to support the loan, as repayments are made through the grant itself.

Most national & provincial government approved grants are eligible.

With a minimum loan size of $40k, we can provide access to up to 90% of the next milestone, today.

Get access to capital is as little as 5 days of getting started with Fundsquire.

No personal or director guarantees, with founder-friendly and safe terms.

Key Benefits of Fundsquire Grant Advance

Strengthens the grant application prior to approval by showing ability to match funding
Reduces the amount of funding a company needs to provide before grant approval
Helps businesses get funding for the next milestone before the current one is completed
Shortens the time between delivering the milestones and waiting for the grant payment
Provides non-dilutive capital, so a company does not need to lose valuable equity or assets
Repayments to be made only once the company receives the government remittance

Popular National and Provincial Level Grants

The Canadian governments provides several grants to businesses. Here’s a look at some of the popular.


Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit Program (SR&ED)

Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF)

CanExport Program

Canada Job Grant (CJG)

CME Technology Assessment Program (TAP)

Innovative Solutions Canada

Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)



Alberta: Alberta Innovates R&D Associates Program

BC: Coast Funds

Manitoba: First Peoples Economic Growth

New Brunswick: Enabling Agricultural Research and Innovation

Nova Scotia: Innovation Rebate Program

Ontario: SmartStart Seed Fund

Prince Edward Island: Product and Market Development Program

Quebec: SME in Action

Saskatchewan: Product2Market

Northwest Territories: Business Development Project Fund

Nunavut: Small Business Support Program

Yukon: Economic Development Fund


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