Fundsquire partners with Railz to offer an integrated, quicker, and transparent funding platform

Toronto, Canada (December 2021):  Fundsquire, a source of capital for startup and scale-ups globally, has partnered with Railz to supercharge its funding platform, offering Fundsquire’s global customers a seamless and powerful experience. Fundsquire has integrated Railz’s API solutions to augment its funding platform, access comprehensive accounting data, and provide a transparent lending process for businesses accessing growth capital from Fundsquire.


“As an early adopter of the Railz integration, we are excited to take our partnership further. We have grown tremendously in the last few years, and as a global business, we need global solutions to better serve our customers. Railz is going to be a key pillar of our evolving tech ecosystem as we continue to boost our platform in line with our growing product portfolio and customer base.” – Damien Petty, CEO & Founder at Fundsquire

With this partnership, Fundsquire sets itself apart in the global funding and fintech landscape. This platform, which has been live since early 2021, is a key step towards furthering Fundsquire’s goal in leveraging technology to de-risk lending, give customers insights into factors guiding their funding, and enable on-demand access to financial transactions and reports.

Over the past year, Fundsquire has doubled it’s investments in category-leading businesses – a rapid growth enabled by strategic expansion of funding solutions and operations along with tech development. Fundsquire recently received $75 million AUD (£40 million) strategic investment from Fasanara Capital and launched the Grant Advance funding solution.

“Railz’s Accounting Data-as-a-Service™ API partnership with Fundsquire’s funding platform aims to support Fundsquire in making the lending process transparent. It’s incredibly impactful that businesses can access quick and seamless capital through Fundsquire with the Railz integration.” – Sohaib Zahid, CEO of Railz

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