VeloMetro Mobility Inc. (DBA “Veemo”), is a Vancouver, BC emerging leader in R&D and manufacturing of micro-mobility vehicles. Their flagship vehicle, the Veemo® SE, is a three-wheeled, semi-enclosed eBike that moves people and cargo in urban areas with zero emissions.  Veemo’s enclosures protect riders from inclement weather and other dangers of the road. Veemo is bike lane compatible and meets all eBike regulations which means it does not require insurance or a driver’s license. It is highly economical to own and operate.

VeloMetro launched a public pilot at the University of British Columbia in early 2018, garnering rave reviews and media coverage from outlets like Fast Company, New Atlas and CBC News. Working with Fundsquire to obtain SR&ED Advance Funding gave VeloMetro the short-term cash flow they needed to secure additional funding. The timing of the SR&ED Advance Funding also coincided with the broadcast of CBC’s Dragons’ Den and the national exposure it provided. Since the pilot, the company has pivoted to manufacture Veemo and sell directly to consumers via their website.

“The timing was perfect, as VeloMetro had a short-term financing gap that they needed to fill”.

Introduction and perfect timing

VeloMetro could have gone to any SR&ED consultant however Fundsquire was selected for its international experience and prowess in R&D financing.  The timing of the relationship was perfect.  As a startup, VeloMetro had a short-term financing gap that they needed to fill as they were gearing up for their next capital raise. The team saw an opportunity in leveraging their SR&ED credit instead of waiting months for the CRA to issue their refund.

While they had never used SR&ED finance before, they saw that it fit their needs for short-term funding. With their interim cash flow problem solved, they would be free to focus on their fundraising efforts. VeloMetro shopped around and found that Fundsquire offered both great terms and attentive service.

“Some other providers of SR&ED financing had aggressive terms and conditions. Fundsquire was reasonable, responsive, and competitive in their offer.”

On working with Fundsquire

Fundsquire was responsive and worked well with VeloMetro during the due diligence and loan
monitoring process. VeloMetro made it easy, as they provided the required financials and
supplementary documentation quickly and professionally. When asked what they liked about Fundsquire, VeloMetro replied: “Fundsquire’s terms were competitive. Also, they were easy to deal with and professional in their approach.”

“We were at that period where we hadn’t quite got enough sales going to grab a normal bank loan – as they want to see cash positive sales.”

SR&ED process

VeloMetro’s in-house team has the expertise to complete the technical writing and self-file their SR&ED claim, with some help from their tax advisor who prepares the T2. Whether a company self-files or uses an external consultant, Fundsquire will work closely with them to understand their needs both in terms of funding and potential opportunities. With offices in three major global cities and a network of hundreds of funding professionals and technology experts, Fundsquire is proud to be able to connect and support companies beyond offering financing options.

On the relationship, Fundsquire Managing Director Scott Spence said, “VeloMetro surpassed our expectations with their communications, professionalism, and speed which they filed their taxes and repaid the loan. I’ve happily referred them to other funding sources and companies in our partner network.”

The final word

SR&ED Advance Funding allowed VeloMetro to secure further grants and financing by providing added runway and cash flow to cover their operational expenses. The company is now enabled to complete key milestones for the initial production of the Veemo SE vehicle, further derisking future investment for its operations.

When asked if they would recommend SR&ED financing to other companies, John replied:

“Yes. If your bridge financing builds strength for more investment or facilitates operating cashflow objectives, that will definitely move your company forward.”

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