PrimeX Connect Background

PrimeX Connect

PrimeX Connect has worked with Fundsquire in two consecutive years, using R&D finance to fund their growth and lengthen their runway. This offered them security, ensuring their company had a stable cash basis while they worked on selecting the best investors for the long term prospects of their business.



Whitespace wanted to accelerate their growth without selling more equity, so a Fundsquire R&D facility came at the right time to help them move their development to the next level.

trail app case study fundsquire SR&ED finance

Trail App

Trail App wanted to continue their growth without selling more equity, so Fundsquire R&D Advance Funding came at the right time to help them scale the right way.

Axis Labs Background

AXIS Labs Inc.

AXIS Labs were growing fast and needed cash flow to capitalize on opportunities. See how Fundsquire approved and funded their SR&ED loan in a lightning-fast 6 days.

Background Velometro Veemo

VeloMetro Mobility

Learn how Fundsquire’s innovative SR&ED loan helped VeloMetro to improve their operating position, added runway and stability throughout an intense growth phase and increased speed in tech development.

KFSU Background


Learn how Fundsquire’s innovative R&D loan helped KFSU improve their cash flow and get their products to market faster.