SR&ED Financing

who qualifies?

the fundamental eligibility criteria for SR&ED finance are simple.

eligible for a cash credit.

The company is eligible to receive a cash SR&ED tax credit after its completed year end. The conversation can start up to 9 months before the year end.

a claim size of around $70k or above.

The company's expected claim size should be around $70,000 or above.

Check the numbers and see how we can help

Our calculator allows you to check eligibility and expected facility amounts for your clients.

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how fundsquire can help you get, keep and nurture clients.

we’ve spoken to thousands of customers who are eligible to receive SR&ED tax credits, and discovered how valuable the integrated SR&ED advance service is to them.

early conversations.

Companies can access SR&ED tax credit funding mid-year, so it's a great time to catch up, add value and consolidate the relationship.

a tangible benefit.

"Access your SR&ED today." is both a great way to start a conversation and a unique way to add value and strengthen the financial position of your client.

keep your clients.

Once a customer is accessing SR&ED finance, they typically come back next year. Our retention is around 75%, and this effect extends to our SR&ED partner.

offer a one-stop shop.

Integrated services are slowly taking over the market. By seamlessly incorporating Fundsuire's financing service, you gain a strong competitive advantage, and moves the conversation away from just price.

chat to the team.

The easiest way to figure out if SR&ED finance is a good fit is to give us a call or drop us a line. We love to chat, we’re a bit old school like that.

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