Rowan Gallagher

Rowan Gallagher

Managing Director – UK

Rowan joined Fundsquire in 2018 as the Managing Director in the UK. With ten years of experience in financial markets and working with scale-up technology companies, he’s passionate about sharing his industry knowledge and understanding of the R&D Tax Credits incentive to deliver capital in a secure way to some of the most fast growing companies in the UK.

Prior to joining Fundsquire, Rowan ran an R&D Tax Credits advisory service, GrantTree, where he led their growth strategy over the course of four years. For seven years before that, Rowan worked in London’s debt capital markets, trading derivatives for Ignis Asset Management which was later acquired by Standard Life.

Rowan has a computer science and investments background, he graduated with a first class Bachelor of Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin in 2004. Following that he was awarded a distinction in a Master of Science in Investment Management in 2006, from Cass Business School in London.

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Rowan Gallagher

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