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About us

What we do

Fundsquire’s business focus revolves around supplying alternative and innovative cashflow financing to Small and Medium Enterprises in Canada.

We aim to become the brand of choice for fast-growing Canadian businesses, providing them with a new way to use the funding they are already eligible for. We allow them to take control of their funding timeline now, rather than waiting for the tax man – simply, through SRED financing, Revenue-Based Financing, or our other non-dilutive financing options.


What is SR&ED Debt Finance?

It’s a process whereby businesses have an opportunity to access their future SR&ED refundable tax credit in advance as a loan.

The SR&ED credit is treated as a future receivable and businesses are provided with a receivables funding facility (a loan). Businesses can draw down on this facility as and when they need for general working capital within their business.

This SR&ED loan is then repaid from the CRA’s SR&ED tax credit refund.


What is Revenue Based Finance?

Fundsquire Revenue Based Finance is a simple way to access your future monthly recurring revenue today. The loan is backed by future income with small, flexible repayment plans of a fraction of your monthly revenue until repayment or extension.

The cost of the loan is a simple, transparent set fee, regardless of how long it takes to repay. Fundsquire RBF is built to grow with you and scales up and down according to your needs, with no penalties or rigid repayment schedules.

Our Road Map

How it works

You submit a funding application
We do due diligence with the help of your accountant
We approve & then pay out within 48h
The tax return is filed or revenue comes in and the loan is repaid with the proceeds


Fundsquire helps startups and scale-ups accelerate their growth with non-dilutive funding. To find out if your company is eligible, just chat with our team.

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At Fundsquire, we help entrepreneurs grow their businesses with fast, easy, and early ways to access capital – beyond selling equity

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